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Great Femdom Hentai art and comics on Ero-Mania!

Jun 24th, 2010

I normally don’t join paysites, but when the paysites are run by the artists who create the art for the site, I really don’t mind supporting artists and thus give them an incentive and foundation to continue their work. is one of those sites. And it’s also owned by a friend of mine: Vanja, who also helped me out a lot with getting my own website. She is one of the few artists that makes femdom art and comics :)

Most interesting is her new comic series that’s just started on Ero-Mania, called “Mistress Myrtle”. I know that both myself and some fellow femdom hentai fans have been asking her to create a femdom related comic series for quite some time. I noticed she also had an interview at The Glow Inside where she also mentions a femdom hentai comic in early development (that interview seems to focus more on when Ero-Mania was a published magazine, and not the online paysite as it is today). I have personally waited for it to happen, and finally! It’s here ^_^

mmfemdomhentaicomic-01 mmfemdomhentaicomic-02

The above pictures are the frontpage and the first page of Vol. 1 of “Mistress Myrtle”. The comic has just started going, but I already like a lot where it seems to be headed! :D

Altough the site Ero-Mania is not entirely femdom related, it still has a nice and frequently updated gallery with femdom hentai drawings:

femdom-hentai-eroprev01 femdom-hentai-eroprev02 femdom-hentai-eroprev03 femdom-hentai-eroprev04 femdom-hentai-eroprev05 femdom-hentai-eroprev06 femdom-hentai-eroprev07

There’s a variation of bondage, spanking, strap-ons, ballbusting, cbt, electricity, and about any femdom wishes you might think of. If you want to check it out (you will be supporting one of the few femdom hentai artists around at the same time, so it’s in my opinion very much worth it!) the site is:

Oh, and don’t forget to visit Vanja’s personal website as well, in case you’ve forgotten it (well, it’s only a few posts below, but still :) ) where she’s got some of her old femdom art for free. It’s

(Note: all the small sized pictures shown in this article have been uploaded here with permission from Vanja).

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Andy’s Dames femdom elf follow-up

Jun 24th, 2010

Andy’s Dames made a wonderful follow-up of the great elf dominatrix drawing!


Make sure you check out the full wonderful piece over at:! :D

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